Why Phantam Chic?

We are often asked why Phantam Chic? Or told we have spelt Phantam wrong! So let us tell you a story...are you sitting comfortably? Great, then we will begin...

Back in 2008 2 pretty little chicks hatched at Vik's stables, where she kept a selection of bantam hens alongside her 2 and a half Exmoor ponies. The half Exmoor is crossed with a Welsh Cob just so you don't get any visions of half a pony (the mind boggles as you'd start to wonder which half of the pony there was...)

Considering that Viks did not have a cockerel these hatchings could have been considered miraculous, until, as the chicks grew, it was realised that the probably unaware Daddy was strutting his plumage and living wild right outside the stables!

The Daddy turned out to be a rather beautiful cock Pheasant! Of the 2 hatchlings only one survived to adulthood and was known as the Phantam from the moment that Bex's brother met and named her the Phantam Chick!

Like the bird, Bex & Viks  produce a truly unique hybrid sound which struggles to fit within any one single musical genre so Phantam Chic sums them up very well!

What of the Phantam Chick now? She eventually went native, choosing to live wild with the pheasants. For a couple of years she would return to the stable yard when Viks went to see the ponies and a new set of hens, announcing her arrival with a hen-like sound from a pheasant shaped body! She has not been seen, or heard for that matter, for some considerable time so it is suspected that she is no longer around. 

Phantam Chick!
Hen colouring in a pheasant shaped body! She was one unique bird!