Who are Phantam Chic?
Phantam Chic formed in 2012 when 3 girls got together and started to share their music. Due to a change in circumstances 3 became 2 in September 2014:

Bex at Froude Hancock Stone,
            Exmoor "I started playing flute when I was 10yrs old, thanks to the hire scheme offered by my local school,then just before my 13th birthday Dad bought the flute I now play, which is a very treasured instrument.
I started playing saxophone later in life, first trying alto sax before discovering the C-melody, a saxophone that had gone out of production and was only available as vintage models from around the 1920's... no more transposing!
I took a chance on an ebay listing and have not looked back. It needed work - considerable work - to bring her back to full playing condition, but "Connie" (yes, really original I know!) the 1924 Conn C-melody is now as much a part of my instrument collection as my flute, and equally treasured.
Following a brush with cancer in 2008, I had the mad idea that I would like to learn to play violin, then my daughter was keen to have a go too! When I returned to living on Exmoor I found a Suzuki violin teacher who taught 3 generations of my family to various levels before life has got in the way.
Bex with her Exmoor pony
            BrackenBeyond music I am a qualified, practicing reflexologist as well as undertaking a variety of "Virtual Admin" for different businesses.
I am also administrator for High Park Community Music Project in Wiveliscombe

I live with my instrument maker husband Alec, 3 (musical!) children, rescue Lurcher, 2 wonderful moggies, and 2 Exmoor Ponies (ok, they do not quite live *with* me but they are very much a part of my life!)"

Viks at Froude Hancock Stone,
            Exmoor"I first found music by accident, when I was 5 an Uncle took me to Boosey & Hawkes music shop to buy a violin, I played it straight away! I had classical lessons to Grade 5, then changed to the piano at 12 & the violin was swapped for a guitar! That was it! Folk, blues, jazz were my life from then on, I was self taught on guitar, mandolin, banjolele. I played and sang my way thro' my teens, in coffee bars & street busking starting at 14 in Yourkville Toronto, my cousins were supposed to look after me! At 16 when studying in Switzerland, I played in coffee bars, clubs & street busking, I was nick named "La Chanteuse". Then I studied classical piano & voice training, but folk, blues & jazz were too much of a pull! Nothing has changed!
Apart from re learning the violin, & playing amateur bluegrass banjo, Vik with
            her Exmoor pony RosieI am a very keen singer songwriter too. One of my special instruments is a custom-made 3/4 sized 12-string guitar called "Hogily". Hogily was named by Bex youngest son when he stated that the wood - reclaimed mahogany from an 1883 railway carriage which was having some refurbishment work done - came from a Hogily tree. The guitar was made by Bex's husband Alec Smith.
*Photography has also been part of my life since childhood, I made my first pinhole camera at 9 years old, and been taking photographs all my life, specialising in weddings. It has been known for me to photograph a wedding, then play music at the wedding after! Enjoy our music!"

*The majority of the photos on this website were taken by Viks, like this stunner taken on Winsford Hill at sunset.

Exmoor Pony in the Sunset on
              Winsford Hill, Exmoor